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The Flexible Shaft

How to describe a flexible shaft?


Depending on the kind or the field of application, various casings are used (metal, plastic, rubber etc.).

According to the application, the inner core can be used on its own.

You decide which connections you need!
Both endings will be adjusted to your requirements.

Combined with inflexible elements the flexible shaft can be used in nearly all fields of application.





A flexible shaft consists of the inner core, the protective casing and the connecting parts.

The inner core is a power transmission element (steel or INOX) able to transmit different powers depending on fabrication, length and diameter.





There are standard connections in field of adjustable elements, so-called remote control shafts. You will find them in the section VST.

However, the standard connections are mainly used in the filed of flexible shafts for surface finishing.

You have a connection already and want to find "your" connection? Please click here.