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haspa GmbH is one of the few manufacturers who can offer a complete program of flexible shafts and their various applications that are compatible with all existing systems.

Special solutions according to customer´s demand and single-piece work are always new challenges which we like to solve for you.

We have an experience of over 4 decades. Within our company you will find these 3 different departments:

​Dept. I: OFT= ​Driving units, Flexible shafts and   other products for surface finishing  (e.g. pneumatic tools, micro motors, Collets, abrasives, milling cutters...) 
​Dept. II:​VST= Remote control- and power transmission
elements; adjusting and regulating
Dept. IIISpecialized spirals and tubes
One reason of our success is the realisation of all individual wishes for our customers and the strong desire to work according to customers´demand at an optimum.

Thus, haspa´s reputation as a manufacturer of products with flexible shafts is well based on the market - with clients all over the world.

We will be happy to help you!